You can mix and match different features for your Silicone Love Doll or you can decide to have any body feature such as the breasts, buttocks, hips, lips, etc, adjusted to your liking.

These days you can easily buy a silicon love doll in store that is close to your home. Thanks to mass product, acceptance form people and lower cost, more people love to buy it and more stores also keep it. But when you go to any store to buy a love doll, make sure you check following things to have optimum result with it.
Packing policy: When you decide to buy a silicon love doll in store, then make sure you ask their shipping or packing policy first. Ideally, they should ship it to you with complete privacy in a discreet packing. If you don’t get a discreet or private shipping policy from them, then you should not choose to buy it from them.
Brand of the doll: Checking the brand of your doll is also an important thing that you should do before buying it from any place. Sometime people see a silicone love doll in store at a great discounted price and they just buy it without checking the brand or its quality. Later they end up having so many troubles with it. So, it is advised that you do not make this mistake and you check its brand as well to avoid any complication.
Condition of the doll: First of all, you should never buy a used love doll in any condition. A used love doll can be hazardous to you and you should stay away from that in any condition. Also, when you check the Silicone love doll in store, then make sure you check its condition as well. If it is not in good condition, then you may not get any good outcome with it. So, do check these things as well to avoid any complication and to have the best result as well with it.