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Silicone Dolls Full Size Sex Doll – Peach 140cm


You only need to walk into silicone dolls store and instantly connect with the lover of your dream in minutes.

Product Description

She is a charming woman. A pair of eyes to her almost like a dip in the water crystal like clarity, but the canthus slightly upward and it is charming, dirty pupil with seductive eyes clever fusion into a beautiful style, thin lips and oral sex will let you enjoy the paradise like feeling.

Peach just makes me horny,she has slut written all over her. lisa’s big breasts are amazing very realistic and she is super soft all over.She’s incredible you wont be disappointed with this one she is our best seller by far.
She has a very pretty face, beautiful soft hands and feet that are manicured with wires in hands for flexibility with her full metal skeleton.You can choose from a solid vagina and solid anus or removable vagina and anus.

Many men have at one time or another longed and fantasized the girl or woman of their dream. This is as well as chasing the wind or an elusive dream because sooner or later, they realize that the more the chase, the more their energy get sapped. The best they got was a girl who gave them some lousy sex. Love, companionship, and loyalty only existed in words. The best the girls could do was endless nagging and no commitment at all.

But rather than stretch your imaginations too far and get depressed. They do not make your dreams come true, but you also help you actualize your fantasies, it doesn’t matter how creepy. These love dolls really substitute real lovers. You only need to walk into a love dolls store and instantly connect with the lover of your dream in minutes.

silicone sex doll silicone sex doll


Material: Life size sex doll, TPE tensile strength reached 550%, therefore, the durability is strong; medical safety grade material is non-toxic, and our sex doll is the only one with this excellent material in china. In addition, the material of the sex doll is super soft, so the adult doll can give you the most natural human skin texture.
Non-toxic, no smell, no smell, anti tension strength, elastic, soft degree is very strong, feel more soft than silicone

Bone: In order to make the bones strong and durable, the use of titanium alloy skeleton, we designed 36 different steering sections, so that the behavior of the doll is easy to maintain the same posture, do not rebound.
Body: Skin strong attachment of the skeleton, no filler, integrity reached 100%.
Design: All of the sex dolls are made by domestic designers. From design to production, the prototype is really, each step is accomplished by a lot of changes and improvements.
Finger: A bone of the fingers can make all kinds of gestures. There are real and detailed texture design, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
Hair: There are two kinds, there is pubic hair and no pubic hair, pubic hair is the real wool, completely manual work, looks more realistic. The default is no pubic hair doll, if necessary, please contact customer service.
Vagina:The main structure of the vagina designers have rich experience in wax carving mud draft produced, so it is very real. Two kinds of vagina, one is the built-in type, can not be separated from the body, and the other is the insert, can be separated from the body.
Free gift: Underwear, hair accessories, heating rods, lubricating oil, blankets, talcum powder, repair agent, condoms.
Packing: Each package is designed a thick layer of packaging.



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