What is Different Between Silicone Sex Doll and Inflatable Doll

When you decide to look for a sex doll you will have several options to choose. Among these are silicone sex dolls and inflatable ones. Here we look at what is different between silicone sex doll and inflatable doll in all aspects. You will be able to choose wisely after reading this.

Silicone sex dolls are made using a material known as silicone mainly rubber silicone. Other than in making dolls, this material has been used in many applications including making implants for use in the human body. The material is non-porous and hence can be sterilized easily by boiling, has a human-like feel and does not react with many chemicals. The dolls look, weigh and feel like real humans. You can warm up their skin and they will retain the warmth and feel like a real human. As for the sexual organs, silicone dolls are made to have the most realistic ones. They have the same depth, texture and other attributes like a real human. However, silicone is an expensive material and as a result the dolls are expensive. They will however serve you longer than any other type of sex doll. They are also heavy and storing them may be a problem.

Silicone Sex Doll

On the other hand, inflatable sex dolls are usually made of a material known as vinyl. These dolls are made to resemble real people but do not have a feel similar to that of that of human skin. They are inflatable meaning that they need to be filled with air for them to have the shape of a human. Only the can they be used. After use they can be deflated making it easy to clean and store them. They are light in weight and hence easy to manipulate. Being inside one of these however will not feel like a real human. They are cold and cannot be warmed up whereas their canals are not detailed. One thing that makes these the preferred sex dolls of many is the cheap price. They however will feel like you are having sex with a doll and not a human like you would with a silicone sex doll.

If you have the money it is best to settle for a silicone sex doll over an inflatable one as the prior will give you more pleasure.

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